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Wolves Return (2019)


Wolves divide and fascinate us. 150 years after they were driven to extinction in Central Europe, they are returning slowly but inexorably. Are they dangerous to humans? Is it possible to coexist? Using Switzerland as a point of departure, where wolves have returned in the very recent past, this documentary sheds light on the wolf situation in Austria, eastern Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and even Minnesota, where freely roaming packs of wolves are more common sight.

Wolves Return
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TitleWolves Return
Available Subtitle france.png italy.png espain.png portugal.png brazil.png germany.png hungaria.png korea.png netherlands.png ETC.
Release Date2019-11-07
Genres Documentary
Production Company Settebello Filmproduktion, SRF
Production Countries Switzerland
CastsUeli Metz, Lieni Schneller, David Gerke, Reinhard Schnidrig, Gudrun Pflüger, Michaela Walchhofer
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